October 16, 2011

Three Months


Wow, the girls are 3 months now! In the beginning, time seemed to be moving so slowly (maybe it was the sleep deprivation) but now it’s starting to fly by.

They are changing so fast. Their legs are now going non-stop…kick, kick, kick. All. The. Time. It’s cute but makes it hard to do things like change their diapers and put on pants or socks.

They’re starting to grab things like their blankets…..my hair….their hair but not really toys yet.

They both have been sucking on their fingers and sometimes prefer them over their pacis.

They’ve recently started laughing, like really laughing…it’s so cute.

They’re getting so long that I’ve had to move them from the baby tub to the regular tub.

They haven’t been officially weighed recently but they probably weigh around 13-14 pounds.

They both can sit in the Bumbo seats for a short time. Tensley does a little better than Tillie.

For the most part, they are sleeping through the night.



Tensley is definitely my drama queen. She can throw a fit like no one else. And if you don’t act quickly, you are in trouble mister!

She is also the most entertaining one. When she’s having good days, she will talk your ear off.

She’s a daddy’s girl. He can pick her up and within just a few minutes she’ll be out like a light…she likes to snuggle.

She doesn’t care for tummy time but will stand on your legs when you’re holding her. I think she might skip crawling and go straight to walking.

She sucks on her two middle fingers if she doesn’t have her paci.

She’s cold natured like her momma.

She still loves bath time. She talks through the whole process.

When she’s tired or when she’s eating, she has started this thing where she grabs her ears or her hair.

She doesn’t care for naps but when she does she will sleep for 3-4 hours. At night, she sleeps around 6 hours.


Tillie is still the more laid back one. She will just sit back and watch/observe her surroundings.

She doesn’t like when her sister cries. Although, there has been a time or two when I have actually seen her laugh at her sissy’s fits.

She likes to talk but not near as much as her sister.

She’s kind of a momma’s girl but doesn’t like to be held for too long…she’s not much for snuggling.

Her legs are always going…more so than her sister’s.

Tummy time is quite a work out for her. She constantly raises her head and tries to roll over. When I finally “rescue” her, she’s totally out of breath from working so hard. :)

She’s a thumb sucker.

She tends to be hot natured like her daddy.

She still loves bath time…she smiles and kicks the whole time.

She doesn’t care for naps. She only naps for about 10-15 minutes at a time but at night, she will sleep 8+ hours. I think she’s like her momma….she’s afraid she’ll miss something if she sleeps. :)


Here are some more shots from out little 3 month photo shoot:

Boost_Soft Faded


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