October 17, 2011

Bits of Fall

Well, it’s officially Fall so I decided I should do a little decorating to make the transition from Summer to Fall a little easier (colder temps DO NOT appeal to me. Not. At. All.) I don’t really go all out…going over the top means you have a lot to unpack, put out and then have to turn around and pack it up again. I’m lazy that way. :D

10 11 11_0576
10 11 11_0577
10 11 11_0578
10 11 11_0579
10 11 11_0580
10 11 11_0582
10 11 11_0583
10 11 11_0585

Hmmm…I need to get some candles for those candle sticks in that last picture.

I usually go all out for Christmas but haven’t in the last couple of years. We’ll see what happens this year. :)

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  1. Great decorations! I especially love the acorns and colorful Harvest sign. I can't wait to decorate- when we get our own place. Soon I hope! And those glass apothecary jars are so great and useful all year long.


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