September 26, 2011

Weekend Review

How was everyone’s weekend? Did your favorite football team win? Mine did!

Boomer! Sooner!  :)

We had a pretty laid back weekend. My mom (AKA MiMi), watched the girls Friday night so James and I could have a date night. We were going to do dinner, dessert and then do something fun like putt putt but it was a little chilly outside so we did dinner, dessert and then went to Target where we spent all our money on the girls. Ah, the life of parents.

Saturday we were pretty lazy and didn’t do much. We made a return trip to Target (a little more on that in a minute), picked up the house a little and then the OU game was Saturday night. James stayed home with the girls and I went to a Sunday School party where we had fried Fair foods and watched the game (James doesn’t like to watch the games other than at home…if you were wondering. Smile) It was kind of nice going somewhere without the girls and not having to rush to get back home.

Sunday we went to church and were lazy the rest of the day. We spent the afternoon catching up on our DVR’d shows. It was kind of nice.

Ok, back to the Target story (it’s a two part story). Our main reason for going Friday night was to get a second bouncer (like the one we already had). Well, when we got it home, we decided that we didn’t particularly like the bouncers we had picked out hence the return trip on Saturday morning. We ended up getting these cute, super soft bouncers that have bunny ears on the head support.

Here’s our little bunnies, tehehe!

The girls seem to like these bouncers much more than the previous ones. The stay in them longer anyway. Also, they bounce a little easier than the previous ones. They also vibrate and play music and nature sounds.

So, the second part of the Target story is when we took the original bouncers back there was a couple in front of us at the return desk that had a stroller just like ours. I thought to myself, “hmmm…I wonder if they have two bebe’s in there like us”. Sure enough! They had twin boys that were only 2 weeks older than the girls! What are the chances, right?! I kind of wished I had gotten their names…maybe we could have had play dates in the future. Oh well…maybe we’ll run into them again some day.

If you blogged about your weekend, link me up in the comments. I’d love to read all about it!

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