September 28, 2011

Wandering Thoughts

A lot of things go through my head when the girls are napping and the house is quiet.

--> I’m loving coffee again. I didn’t drink much during pregnancy and of course didn’t drink it while breastfeeding.

--> Yesterday I posted about having a clean house and how it will never happen all at once. My sister and I were talking about that very concept this past weekend. Once you have kids, your definition of clean changes….our definition of a clean house is that it is just picked up. Dusted & vacuumed is bonus.  :)

--> I miss being outside. Me and the girls may take a trip to the park soon.

--> I need to be better at meal planning.

--> I think the girls have finally settled into a schedule.    

--> I dread Sunday nights because it means that it’s just me getting up with the girls.

--> Last Friday night James got up with the girls so I could have a full night’s sleep.

--> I’m excited about going to our church’s woman’s retreat with my sister this weekend.

--> This is the season where I have a snotty nose from bedtime until morning. Makes for not so fun 2:30am feedings with the girls.

--> Only good things about the coming cooler weather are Uggs & Pumpkin Spice Lattes

--> I still can’t believe I have two beautiful, healthy baby girls. Will it ever sink in?

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