September 15, 2011

Things I’m Loving Right Now

Since I have a lot of friends that have had babies or are getting ready to have babies (both online and IRL), I thought I’d share some of my must haves.

1. Burby Bibs by Aiden & Anias. I got these as a gift from a local online friend (Thanks Amy!) I LOVE these things! They are large and soft and make great burp rags. And the best part…they have snaps so you can turn them into bibs!

princess posie burpy bib

2. Front snap onesies. These seem to be hard to find but I have several made by Carter’s (they call them creepers). I love putting them on the girls when they go for their Well Child Check ups. It’s just easier when you have to undress them for their exams. If you know where I can find more, PLEASE let me know. I so wish I could find this one for the girls, it’s sooo cute! It must be from a previous season.
Carter's Floral Creeper

3. Boppy Newborn Lounger. Tillie and Tensley live in these things. I had never heard of them and just happened to come across them while shopping for something else online. I got mine at Target.

4. Motherhood Maternity Light Support Nursing Sleep Bra. I have 5 of these and love them. They are so comfortable to sleep in and wear around the house.

Motherhood Maternity Light Support Nursing Sleep Bra

5. Jeggings. I swore I’d never wear these but then I found these stylish ones at Maurice’s. Having two babies does some crazy things to your body. My maternity pants were to big and my regular clothes were too small so I was excited to find these jeggings.

Dark Wash Denim Flex™ Jegging -


Signature new

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