September 23, 2011

On a Schedule….ish

When we came home with the girls, we stuck to the schedule the NICU had them on. They were changed & fed every 3 hours. Then that schedule became tedious. We were tired. So we decided to let the girls make their own schedule…to an extent. That was even more exhausting…especially since I let James sleep through the night…I couldn’t handle all three of them being cranky, LOL.

Now, for the last two weeks, I’ve been working on getting them back on a schedule. It’s going pretty good so far but I think it’s more their age though than my mad mom skills, lol.

Here is their schedule:\
Morning:  Get up, eat & get dressed around 9am.

Daytime:  eat every 4 hours then have play time, tummy time and/or sleep in between.

Evening:  Bath time is usually between 8:30 & 9:30pm

Bedtime:  They are usually asleep by 10:30

Overnight:  I let them sleep at night. They will sleep anywhere from 4-6 hours. Sometimes they get off schedule with each other, which is exhausting for mommy, but they somehow sync back up during the day. If they don’t, the one that’s off schedule will get a small “snack” so I can get them back in sync.

Notice that it’s not a strict schedule. We are an active family so I need them to be flexible. We attend church and I have a large extended family so we have events, dinners and other activities that come up. We can be homebodies but we also like to be out and about. Also, they go where we go. I want them to learn early on how to be in public. Right now, they are perfect little angels when we go out. They fall asleep in the car and usually don’t even wake up until we are back home.

So, this is what’s working for us right now. If we need to make changes, which I’m sure we will as they get older, we’ll adjust.

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  1. This brings back so many memories of the first few weeks/months. Keep up the good work...a loose schedule brings sanity. My mom evidently called me a baby nazi to people at her church but oh well it worked for us. Your approach seems to be much what we did with getting out and about a lot. I think it helps the babies be well adjusted and they can go with the flow which is good because our life is crazy.


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