September 30, 2011

Bad Wifey, Good Hubsy

So earlier this week, I had a not so good day. Don’t know why really. Maybe my hormones are still a little out of whack. Whatever the reason, it wasn’t a great day.

In the evening, I basically just lost it…and broke out the ugly cry. I was feeling overwhelmed and defeated. The girls were off schedule, they wouldn’t really nap. The house was a disaster and I was exhausted. We put the girls to bed around 10pm and I hurried to make their bottles for the night and got in bed since I had to be up early due to a nurse coming to do a physical for stupid life insurance.

Anyway, on my way to bed I mumbled something about the nurse coming the next day calling DHS because our house was such a mess (yes, I know, a little dramatic). I got in bed & had a little trouble going to sleep because I had so many things going through my head. I think I fell asleep around 11pm and then woke up around 4am in a panick because the girls hadn’t woke up to eat (it had been 6 hours since their last feeding). I got up and went to the kitchen to get the bottles in the warmers so they would be ready when the girls did wake up. Well, as I walked down the hall and into the living room, my heart skipped a few beats. James had picked up the living room and cleaned the kitchen after I went to bed! I hadn’t seen the living room that clean since shortly after we brought the girls home. It just totally made my day.

Being a mom of twins, I’ve learned that there will be days that I am exhausted, overwhelmed and/or defeated but I just try to just focus on the good days and am thankful I have support when I experience the bad days.

Bragging again on hubsy….my sister and I wanted to go to a woman’s retreat this weekend and he was totally ok with me going and leaving him alone with the girls. I’m so excited about going but will also miss my sweet baby girls. Sad smile

Here’s Tensley’s view on Mommy going to the retreat:


  1. Man, those first few months are Rough. Yes, with a capital "R"! I don't miss the exhaustion or anxiety at all... and I shudder to think about ever going through it again. And I only had one baby to deal with one baby(he's now 8 months). You seem to be doing a great job, though, focusing on the good days and being thankful. Plus, it really helps to have a supportive loving husband who understands and doesn't question the "moods." He's a keeper ;)

  2. Twin dads are the best. I think they learn very quickly they have to jump in and be a super dad!

  3. I feel this way and I only have ONE baby. I've pretty much accepted that for now, the housework can wait.

    What a wonderful guy you have!


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