September 30, 2011

Bad Wifey, Good Hubsy

So earlier this week, I had a not so good day. Don’t know why really. Maybe my hormones are still a little out of whack. Whatever the reason, it wasn’t a great day.

In the evening, I basically just lost it…and broke out the ugly cry. I was feeling overwhelmed and defeated. The girls were off schedule, they wouldn’t really nap. The house was a disaster and I was exhausted. We put the girls to bed around 10pm and I hurried to make their bottles for the night and got in bed since I had to be up early due to a nurse coming to do a physical for stupid life insurance.

Anyway, on my way to bed I mumbled something about the nurse coming the next day calling DHS because our house was such a mess (yes, I know, a little dramatic). I got in bed & had a little trouble going to sleep because I had so many things going through my head. I think I fell asleep around 11pm and then woke up around 4am in a panick because the girls hadn’t woke up to eat (it had been 6 hours since their last feeding). I got up and went to the kitchen to get the bottles in the warmers so they would be ready when the girls did wake up. Well, as I walked down the hall and into the living room, my heart skipped a few beats. James had picked up the living room and cleaned the kitchen after I went to bed! I hadn’t seen the living room that clean since shortly after we brought the girls home. It just totally made my day.

Being a mom of twins, I’ve learned that there will be days that I am exhausted, overwhelmed and/or defeated but I just try to just focus on the good days and am thankful I have support when I experience the bad days.

Bragging again on hubsy….my sister and I wanted to go to a woman’s retreat this weekend and he was totally ok with me going and leaving him alone with the girls. I’m so excited about going but will also miss my sweet baby girls. Sad smile

Here’s Tensley’s view on Mommy going to the retreat:

September 29, 2011

Who’s Your Twin?



My mom was over one day helping with the girls and she called me into our living room and told me to look at this picture I had up on our picture shelves. So I looked up at the picture and was like, “Oh. My. Gosh.”

Then, when James came home I said, “Babe, come look at this picture.” He took one look and said, “Ohmygosh!”

You see, One of these babies is mine and the other isn’t. Can you guess who’s mine? (If you’ve read any of my previous posts or followed me anywhere on line, you would know this ;)  .)

The baby on the left is Tensley and the baby on the right is my niece Emma, who is now 6 years old. I can’t believe how much they look alike in these pictures. Makes me wonder if Tensley will look anything like Emma as she gets older.

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September 28, 2011

Wandering Thoughts

A lot of things go through my head when the girls are napping and the house is quiet.

--> I’m loving coffee again. I didn’t drink much during pregnancy and of course didn’t drink it while breastfeeding.

--> Yesterday I posted about having a clean house and how it will never happen all at once. My sister and I were talking about that very concept this past weekend. Once you have kids, your definition of clean changes….our definition of a clean house is that it is just picked up. Dusted & vacuumed is bonus.  :)

--> I miss being outside. Me and the girls may take a trip to the park soon.

--> I need to be better at meal planning.

--> I think the girls have finally settled into a schedule.    

--> I dread Sunday nights because it means that it’s just me getting up with the girls.

--> Last Friday night James got up with the girls so I could have a full night’s sleep.

--> I’m excited about going to our church’s woman’s retreat with my sister this weekend.

--> This is the season where I have a snotty nose from bedtime until morning. Makes for not so fun 2:30am feedings with the girls.

--> Only good things about the coming cooler weather are Uggs & Pumpkin Spice Lattes

--> I still can’t believe I have two beautiful, healthy baby girls. Will it ever sink in?

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September 27, 2011

Being a SAHM

Before getting pregnant with the girls, I had all these ideas of being a SAHM. I was going to have the house clean, get all the cabinets and closets cleaned out and organized, have dinner on the table when James got home from work, blah, blah, blah. Then I got pregnant…with twins.

First of all, since I was pregnant with twins, by the time the nesting bug hit, I wasn’t physically able to do any of the things I wanted to get done. Even then I thought well, I’ll get to nest after the girls are here. Then the girls arrived.

Once the girls were here, I had to have help. I had to rely on others to do things for me. I hated that.

It has only taken me about 10 weeks but I finally decided to give up on my ideas about being a SAHM. The house will never be clean all at once, the laundry will never be completely done, dinner may not always be ready at 5pm and I’m ok with that…for now. Right now I need my sanity…and sleep. So, I’m just going to enjoy the girls and will be happy with whatever chores I AM able to get done. All the cleaning and organizing can wait.

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September 26, 2011

Weekend Review

How was everyone’s weekend? Did your favorite football team win? Mine did!

Boomer! Sooner!  :)

We had a pretty laid back weekend. My mom (AKA MiMi), watched the girls Friday night so James and I could have a date night. We were going to do dinner, dessert and then do something fun like putt putt but it was a little chilly outside so we did dinner, dessert and then went to Target where we spent all our money on the girls. Ah, the life of parents.

Saturday we were pretty lazy and didn’t do much. We made a return trip to Target (a little more on that in a minute), picked up the house a little and then the OU game was Saturday night. James stayed home with the girls and I went to a Sunday School party where we had fried Fair foods and watched the game (James doesn’t like to watch the games other than at home…if you were wondering. Smile) It was kind of nice going somewhere without the girls and not having to rush to get back home.

Sunday we went to church and were lazy the rest of the day. We spent the afternoon catching up on our DVR’d shows. It was kind of nice.

Ok, back to the Target story (it’s a two part story). Our main reason for going Friday night was to get a second bouncer (like the one we already had). Well, when we got it home, we decided that we didn’t particularly like the bouncers we had picked out hence the return trip on Saturday morning. We ended up getting these cute, super soft bouncers that have bunny ears on the head support.

Here’s our little bunnies, tehehe!

The girls seem to like these bouncers much more than the previous ones. The stay in them longer anyway. Also, they bounce a little easier than the previous ones. They also vibrate and play music and nature sounds.

So, the second part of the Target story is when we took the original bouncers back there was a couple in front of us at the return desk that had a stroller just like ours. I thought to myself, “hmmm…I wonder if they have two bebe’s in there like us”. Sure enough! They had twin boys that were only 2 weeks older than the girls! What are the chances, right?! I kind of wished I had gotten their names…maybe we could have had play dates in the future. Oh well…maybe we’ll run into them again some day.

If you blogged about your weekend, link me up in the comments. I’d love to read all about it!

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September 23, 2011

On a Schedule….ish

When we came home with the girls, we stuck to the schedule the NICU had them on. They were changed & fed every 3 hours. Then that schedule became tedious. We were tired. So we decided to let the girls make their own schedule…to an extent. That was even more exhausting…especially since I let James sleep through the night…I couldn’t handle all three of them being cranky, LOL.

Now, for the last two weeks, I’ve been working on getting them back on a schedule. It’s going pretty good so far but I think it’s more their age though than my mad mom skills, lol.

Here is their schedule:\
Morning:  Get up, eat & get dressed around 9am.

Daytime:  eat every 4 hours then have play time, tummy time and/or sleep in between.

Evening:  Bath time is usually between 8:30 & 9:30pm

Bedtime:  They are usually asleep by 10:30

Overnight:  I let them sleep at night. They will sleep anywhere from 4-6 hours. Sometimes they get off schedule with each other, which is exhausting for mommy, but they somehow sync back up during the day. If they don’t, the one that’s off schedule will get a small “snack” so I can get them back in sync.

Notice that it’s not a strict schedule. We are an active family so I need them to be flexible. We attend church and I have a large extended family so we have events, dinners and other activities that come up. We can be homebodies but we also like to be out and about. Also, they go where we go. I want them to learn early on how to be in public. Right now, they are perfect little angels when we go out. They fall asleep in the car and usually don’t even wake up until we are back home.

So, this is what’s working for us right now. If we need to make changes, which I’m sure we will as they get older, we’ll adjust.

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September 22, 2011

Twin Dilemma: Laundry

See all these clothes? These are new clothes for the girls that need to be washed and put away. 


My dilemma…how do I organize them? I need help from other moms of twins! How do you organized their clothes? Do you have a system? What is it? Please share because I’m drowning in little girlie baby clothes!!


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September 21, 2011

Wandering Thoughts

My poor babies had their 2 month Well Child appointment today which means their first immunizations. :(  Normally, I would have them awake this late in the evening so they will sleep at night but I’m going to let them sleep. Poor babies.

2 Month Well Child

Just a week ago I took the girls in for reflux. If you follow me on Twitter, you might have seen me tweeting about having to call 911 for Tillie. To make a long story short, she spit up and aspirated. I knew how to handle it but her lips turned blue and she went limp on me so I called just in case. Thankfully, we were all ok before the first responders arrived (which was less than 3 minutes, btw).

Anyway, when I took the girls in last week they weighed 10lbs 6oz & 10lbs 4oz. Well today at their Well Child, Tillie weighed 10lbs 11oz & was 21 5/8” and Tensley weighed 10lbs 9oz and was 21 3/4”. They’ve gained almost a half a pound in just a week! According to the doctor, the girls are doing really well. Their next Well Child appointment isn’t until they are 4 months old.

On to the Wandering Thoughts…….

My online friend Megan, does Midweek Randoms on Wednesdays and I thought it was a great idea because through the week I think, “Oh, I should blog about that”, but then time gets away from me and then I forget what I was going to blog about. So, I hope she doesn’t mind me doing this.

*I had my first Pumpkin Spice Latte of the season. YUM!

*TnT have the most kissable cheeks. I can’t get enough of them.

*I’ve given up on breastfeeding. The circumstances around the birth of the girls just didn’t allow me to get off to a good start. I could never get into a good rhythm and I couldn’t get Tensley to latch consistently. I couldn’t even pump consistently. I tried. I failed. But I’m ok…I’ll just try again next time.

*Me & the girls are getting better at a schedule. They are only waking up once (around 2am) to eat.

*I’m loving watching the girls’ personalities develop. They are definitely two individuals.

*We are already talking about round two (don’t worry, it’s not for quite a while)

*If I don’t get to do something creative soon, I think I might just die.

*Our closet and our home office are so disorganized it’s driving me crazy. One of these days I’ll tackle both…when the mood strikes.

*I need to get back into couponing. My grocery bill is starting to make me sick…especially since we are having to buy 2-3 cans of formula each week.

*I love being home with the girls and am thankful that I have the opportunity to do so.

*I FINALLY ordered birth announcements and plan on sending them with the long overdue thank you’s (Yes, I know, bad girl, but I had bad carpal tunnel up until the girls were about 6 weeks old and then well…I have TWO babies. I’m doing good if I remember to eat!)

*The photo album on my iPhone now has over 1000 photos. :)

*I still love doing the girls laundry. Folding tiny clothes is so fun.

*I’m addicted to baby clearance racks (good thing about the previous statement, huh?)

*I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE being a Mom. For a long time I wanted it and thought it would never happen. Even now, I can’t believe it actually happened.

*God is Good!

Hope you had a wonderful Wednesday!

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September 19, 2011

Two Months

I am in love with these two. They just crack me up….and keep me on my toes. :)


I can’t believe it’s already been two months since these little angels turned our world upside down! It’s been quite the ride, these past two months.

Sleep deprivation has definitely taken a toll on this momma. For about 2-3 weeks, I slept on the couch and the girls slept in their loungers. They just wouldn’t sleep in their beds. It actually worked out good for me because it was sooo much easier getting up off the couch than getting out of bed (our bed is super comfy). Nights are getting easier, however since both girls really only wake up once during the night to eat. It’s the daytime that’s a little difficult because they are having more awake time then so momma has to entertain a lot and doesn’t really get much done as far as housework is concerned.

I definitely have the momma brain. I’ve been doing things that I just can’t explain. For example, I pay for things and then forget to take the “things” as I leave. I will do something and then not remember what I’ve done just seconds later. Yesterday afternoon, I had warmed up some leftovers for lunch and had it on the counter. Then I grabbed a glass to pour myself a drink and when I went to pour it, I almost poured it in my leftovers. I mean, who does that?! No really, who??

The girls have been having a little trouble with reflux and has scared momma a few times but they are now on antacid medicine and are doing much better.

Tillie @ 2 Months:


Tillie is my morning baby. She always wakes up with a smile. She is also cooing a lot and starting to smile. She is very active, moving her arms and legs a lot. She is also calm, laid back and pretty patient. She will typically let out a few grunts or quick cries when she needs something. However, after several minutes if her needs aren’t met, she can and will start screaming. :D

She is going to physical therapy for a condition called Torticollis. Torticollis is where the main muscles in your neck get extremely tight. Tillie acquired this condition on her left side while being in the birth canal with her sister’s hands and feet. It causes her to favor looking to her right. Her therapy is going well. The muscle is a lot more relaxed but she is still favoring to her right side so we will continue therapy until she quits favoring that side. She does, however, hold her head up pretty well when she’s having tummy time or when you hold her over your shoulder.

She has completely outgrown the newborn clothes and is quickly outgrowing the 0-3 clothes. She is a fast eater, eating 4oz every 3.5-4 hours. At her last doctor’s appointment, she weighed 10 lbs 6oz. She is not much of a napper during the day but will sleep in 5 hour stretches at night.

Tillie loves bath time. She just sits in the tub and stares at the shower curtain. (I’m wanting to put some colorful things around the mirror over the sink to get her to look that way to help with her therapy on her neck.)

I would like to say she loves to shop but she will fall asleep shortly after being put in the car seat and typically doesn’t wake up until we return home so she never even realizes she has left the house! That’s ok with me though because it makes shopping easier and more fun for momma when the girls are quiet. :)

Tensley @ 2 Months:


Tensley is our little spit fire (not surprising since she has the red hair). She is our more vocal one…when she wakes up she goes straight to screaming. She’s not all that patient. We have just recently got her to smile when she’s awake but it takes a little work (she use to only smile in her sleep). She will also “talk” to you if you talk to her first. She is also our sensitive one. If her sister starts fussing and doesn’t get tended to quick enough, Tensley will start crying with her as if to say, “hello?! sissy is crying and needs some attention!” It’s really cute. :)

She has outgrown the newborn clothes and is quickly outgrowing the 0-3 month clothes. She, like her momma, is a slow eater but takes 4oz every 3.5-4 hours. At her last doctor’s appointment she weighed 10lbs 4oz. She loves to sleep. She’ll sleep in 6 hour stretches or more during the day if we let her. She does the same at night (we do let her sleep longer at night…it’s just better for mommy & daddy).

Tensley wasn’t so sure about bath time in the beginning but has grown to love it. She coos through the whole process. However, she gets cold pretty easily so she likes her bath water pretty warm and will try to sink down into the water as much as she can. She also, like her sister, likes to stare at the shower curtain but is also fascinated with the scroll work on the mirror over the sink.

I would like to say she loves to shop but she will fall asleep shortly after being put in the car seat and typically doesn’t wake up until we return home so she never even realizes she has left the house! That’s ok with me though because it makes shopping easier and more fun for momma when the girls are quiet. :)


It’s been a crazy two months but we’ve gotten through. We’re looking forward to the next few months when they start hitting more developmental milestones. Hopefully, we’ll be getting more sleep! :)

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September 15, 2011

Things I’m Loving Right Now

Since I have a lot of friends that have had babies or are getting ready to have babies (both online and IRL), I thought I’d share some of my must haves.

1. Burby Bibs by Aiden & Anias. I got these as a gift from a local online friend (Thanks Amy!) I LOVE these things! They are large and soft and make great burp rags. And the best part…they have snaps so you can turn them into bibs!

princess posie burpy bib

2. Front snap onesies. These seem to be hard to find but I have several made by Carter’s (they call them creepers). I love putting them on the girls when they go for their Well Child Check ups. It’s just easier when you have to undress them for their exams. If you know where I can find more, PLEASE let me know. I so wish I could find this one for the girls, it’s sooo cute! It must be from a previous season.
Carter's Floral Creeper

3. Boppy Newborn Lounger. Tillie and Tensley live in these things. I had never heard of them and just happened to come across them while shopping for something else online. I got mine at Target.

4. Motherhood Maternity Light Support Nursing Sleep Bra. I have 5 of these and love them. They are so comfortable to sleep in and wear around the house.

Motherhood Maternity Light Support Nursing Sleep Bra

5. Jeggings. I swore I’d never wear these but then I found these stylish ones at Maurice’s. Having two babies does some crazy things to your body. My maternity pants were to big and my regular clothes were too small so I was excited to find these jeggings.

Dark Wash Denim Flex™ Jegging -


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September 13, 2011

Venturing Out Just Me & the Girls

Last week I finally scheduled an appointment to get my hair done. It was sometime in May since the last time I had it done and it had grown quite a bit in my last month of pregnancy.

So, on Friday, I loaded up the girls and we headed to the salon. (Yes, just the three of us). The girls did great! But then they always do when we're out & about. We were there a little over an hour.

So what do you think? I think the girls like it and momma is pretty happy with it too!

September 12, 2011

The First Month

Still playing catch up….

1 month B&W WM

For about the first two weeks the girls were home, my mom stayed with us which was a great help. The girls were pretty easy the first couple weeks. It was just hard getting up every 3 hours to feed them. Then it all hit the fan. At week 3, the girls decided to start being fussy in between feedings so the little sleep we got in the first two weeks was even less after that. There were many nights that all three of us girls were crying. In fact, that reminds me of a funny story….

One evening my mom & hubsy sent me to bed to get some rest. Well, after a short while, they brought one of the girls to me because they could not get her to settle down. I’m not sure what happened after that but before I knew it, I was holding both girls and my mom & hubsy had abandoned me gone to get bottles. One started fussing and while I was trying to console her the other one started fussing. It wasn’t too much longer that all three of us were crying so I started to yell for help. After a couple of pleas for help, my mom showed up, saw all of us bawling and started laughing. When I saw her laughing I knew how funny it must have looked to walk in and see momma crying along with the babies so I started laughing. So there I was laughing and crying all at the same time. Gotta love those post-partum hormones.

1 month-2 WM

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September 9, 2011

A Good Day & Looking Back

Yesterday was a pretty good day…it was almost as if we had a schedule down.

  • The girls only woke up once to eat during the night to eat.
  • We all got up around 8:30am. They ate and got dressed for the day.
  • Grandma came over for a visit and to help out at 9:15. While she was here I managed to get a good shower, pump, do a load of laundry, go to the store and get dinner going.
  • At around 4pm I got a call from Nana and Papa Great (Great Great) saying they were in town and wanted to come see the girls so we had more hands to occupy the girls. Yay me! Once they arrived, we handed each a baby girl and I finished dinner.
  • Hubsy and I did our P90 (so much better doing it at 7:30pm as opposed to 11pm).
  • The girls ate and got their baths.

Bedtime…..well that’s a different story…we’re still working on that part.

Looking back on this week, it was a busy one. Here are some highlights:

  • Sunday:  Church and Arts Festival
  • Monday:  Lunch with family
  • Wednesday:  Weekly grocery shopping trip, Tillie’s PT appointment, and the girls turn 2 months old (2 Month Recap coming soon)!
  • Thursday:  Visitors all day
  • And the best part of this week…..momma’s getting her hair did today! It’s been at least 3 months and I’m way overdue.

Here are some of my favorite shots from the past week: photo 1 (5)photo 2 (5)

photo 3 (2)     photo 2 (7)

photo 1 (6)     photo 1 (7)

photo 2 (6)

Can you tell them apart? Seems like they’re starting to look more & more alike the older they get. Smile

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September 8, 2011

Happy Birthday TnT (Part 2)

If you missed the first part of my birth story, you can get caught up here.

Let’s see….we left off with us deciding it was time for a c-section. Well they wheeled me back to the O.R. (me bawling the whole way) and got me prepped. All I remember is crying and shaking violently (which I realized later was due to the ephedrine I received earlier that day). Just a few minutes after hubsy came into the room Miss Tillie was born and after lots of tugging and pushing (because Baby ‘B’ was up pretty high) out came Miss Tensley. My tears of frustration and disappointment turned to happy tears. I heard lots of crying and nurses saying how perfect they were. My girls had finally arrived.

TnT Newly Born

Tillie Ann               Tensley Kate
            Born 10:17pm           Born 10:19pm              
6 lbs                      6 lbs  2oz
18.5”                         19.5”  

When they first wheeled me back, the nurses were asking me if I had any family waiting for the girls to arrive. I told them yes and that they were like paparazzi. Well, when they were taking me to recovery, I saw almost all of my family in the doorway staring at the two little girls that James was holding. One nurse looked at me and said, “You weren’t kidding about the family paparazzi”. I just laughed and said, “Yep, that’s how they roll. They never miss a thing.”

My BFF was amongst the paparazzi that night and she captured what turned out to be my most favorite moment of that day…and possibly my most favorite of all time.Proud Papa

I don’t think I’ve ever seen him happier. I’m so glad that she was able to capture this moment…a moment I wasn’t able to witness first hand.

Ok, now let’s backtrack a bit. This part is still a little hard for me. Remember when the nurses where saying how perfect they were? Well, when I got back to the recovery room, Tensley was the only one they brought to me….they were checking out Tillie because they had noticed she was taking some rapid breaths. I didn’t even think about it and started to try to feed Tensley. After a few minutes, a nurse came in and said she was just going to check Tensley. Before I knew it, they were taking Tensley to the NICU and told me that they had already moved Tillie there as well. My heart was broken. I had done everything I could to make sure they arrived full-tem, at a good weight and healthy so they wouldn’t end up in the NICU. So far everything about delivery had gone completely opposite of what I wanted.

Late in the afternoon on Friday (the girls were born on Thursday), I finally got to go to the NICU to see my girls. It was so hard seeing them with all the tubes & wires and Tillie was on CPap. I cried all the way back to my room. By Friday afternoon, they had taken her off the CPap which made my day a little better.

On Monday, I was released and had to go home without either one of my girlsSad smile but by Tuesday we were able to bring Tensley home and by Thursday we were a family of four with Tillie’s homecoming.

And then the real fun began….
Stay tuned for TNT drama Smile

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