August 26, 2011

Happy Birthday TnT (Part 1)

So when you last saw me I was in the beginning of my last trimester. Well, at 32 weeks, I went on “bed rest”. I was pretty miserable (as you probably gathered from that last post). That first week away from work I did a lot of last minute things then the 2nd week I started to slow down….A LOT. By the third week of bed rest, I was sooo ready to get the girls out. I spent the rest of the time in bed and didn’t do much of anything.

In my 35th week, at my regular OB check up, I begged to be induced. I was hoping to just go when the girls decided to come but they were already measuring around 6 pounds and were looking pretty healthy and I was soooo uncomfortable. After some discussion, we decided to wait until I was 37 weeks so I was scheduled for induction on July 7th.

This is me the morning of TnT’s birthday…

36w6dHoly cow, I was huge!!

We went in at 7:30am and I was hooked up and ready to go around 9am. Around noon, I had gone from 1cm to 3cm without feeling a thing. Then around 12:30, the nurse came in and told me the anesthesiologist was getting ready to do two back to back c-sections and did I want to go ahead and get my epidural. I was torn. I really wanted to experience a little bit of labor (Yes, I know. You think I’m crazy.) but at the same time, I didn’t want to get so far that I was in dire pain and have to wait for the anesthesiologist to get out of surgery to get my epidural. So, after some persuading from my hubsy, I decided to get the epidural.

Shortly after I got the epidural, I started to feel a little faint and voiced it to the nurse. Next thing I knew I was practically upside down and my OB had me by the ankles and was raising my legs up and down. My blood pressure had dropped to something like 60 something over 30 something... I was given a shot of ephedrine to get my BP back up. I don’t remember much after that unless someone tells me things that happened and then I vaguely remember. I labored the rest of the day, without any pain, and around 10pm I had only progressed to 6cm. At that time, my OB said it was time to think about a c-section. I bawled. A c-section was the last thing I wanted but in the end, delivering healthy babies was top priority so I agreed.

To be continued……

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August 25, 2011

Time Flies When You’re Sleep Deprived

Hello! Long time no blog, huh? Well, I’ve been a little busy with two little girls.

I think things are starting to settle down enough to where I can try to get everyone up to date on everything (It’s only taken me almost 3 months but who’s counting?). There’s lots of stories and pictures to share so keep checking back. For now, I’ll leave you with a little sneak at the girls after we brought them home.

07 14 11_0088

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