March 23, 2011

2nd Trimester

21 weeks

Well, I’m officially in my 2nd Trimester. Here are some highlights:

Energy – In my opinion, the 2nd trimester energy is a myth. Sure, I have a spurt here and there and I no longer desire to stay in bed all day but the tons of energy/nesting phase has not hit. Not. At. All. I’ve been told by many moms that it will come but……we’ll see.

Cravings – Still not really having any major cravings. I drink a lot of chocolate milk. I went through a Sonic slushy phase for about a week and of course I can ALWAYS eat Mexican food but that’s no different than pre-pregnancy.

Weight Gain  - I seem to be gaining weight at a faster rate now. This is good because it means the girls are growing but it’s becoming a challenge for me to adjust to the growing belly. It seems like my lower back, hips and feet are always aching now so I do a lot of sitting/reclining when I can.

Clothing – I finally gave in and went on a mini shopping spree at Old Navy. I bought a few tops because most of my tops are getting shorter…especially my work tops. I think undergarments are next on my list.  :D

The Girls (AKA, TNT) – At our last ultrasound, the girls were doing well. They weighed 13 & 14 ounces which is about 1-2 ounces bigger than what they were suppose to be at that time. They had all their fingers & toes, all organs including hearts & brains were good, and they are looking more like human babies rather than alien babies. The girls are pretty active…especially after I eat Mexican food (they are their mommy’s girls). I had been feeling flutters and now those flutters are starting to transition to light thumps and I’m loving it!

All in all, we’re doing really well. I have been very blessed with this pregnancy and I thank God for it every day. It’s funny because I’ve been waiting for the, “Oh, you’re having twins?” comments (as they make a face indicating that they feel sorry for me) and I hadn’t heard those comments until recently….there have been a couple so far. The way I look at it is that since these are my first, I won’t know any different. We will adjust with two just like others adjust with one. How blessed am I to get not just one but two babies?!

Anxiously Waiting

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