February 2, 2011

Me & Old Man Winter Do Not Get Along

It’s the end of day 2 of being snowed in. We, along with almost have of the country experienced a massive snow storm this week. I look out on my front porch and see 3-4 foot snow drifts. I look out my back door and I see the same thing. I haven’t left the house in 2 days and tomorrow will be my 3rd day. Surprisingly, I haven’t had cabin fever too bad. I think because I know it’s freezing outside (literally, our wind chill has been in the negative the last two days) and I HATE to be cold.

So, besides massive snow storms, here are some other reasons I do not like winter. At. All.
1. The air is dry. My skin & my sinuses suffer greatly with this dry air. We currently have 2 humidifiers in our bedroom, one in our living room an one in our laundry room. Oh, and today I put a pot of water on the stove in hopes to add even more moisture in the air.

2.  I always get sick. It never fails, when the weather changes and the colder temps arrive, I get a sinus infection. I had a cold the first part of my pregnancy (for about 6 weeks…it actually started before I got preggers) and it was miserable. Thankfully, it didn’t turn into a full blow sinus infection but alas, I was doomed. The sinus infection hit last week. I took antibiotics and it seemed to be clearing up. A couple of days before the blizzard arrived I was breathing free and clear….and then the blizzard came and I woke up severely congested…..again. ARGH!

3. It’s COLD! Those that know me know that I cannot stand to be cold. Even being pregnant I am always freezing. I cannot wait until spring/summer. Everyone keeps telling me I’ll be miserable during the summer because of my pregnancy but I’m miserable now! Seriously, I can’t tell you enough how much I hate being cold. There are days when I can’t get enough clothes on and don’t even get me started on how many blankets I pile on top of me.

With all that said, I’m now going to hibernate. Wake me up when Spring gets here.

Anxiously Waiting

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  1. I haven't been sick for weeks/months and right before the blizzard hit? Head cold. I am miserable. And Brayden doesn't slow down just because mommy doesn't feel well. I am SO ready for spring!


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