January 26, 2011

Things People Should Tell You

So today I went to my 2nd OB appointment. The 1st appointment I just saw the NP and basically just got an ultrasound & did all the blood work (will post about that later). Anyway, I had to do the typical pee in a cup then went to the exam room. After a few minutes the nurse came in, opened my chart and then we had the following conversation:

Nurse: Did you eat something sweet before your appointment today?

Me: I had a candy bar.

Nurse: Well, your urine test tattled on you. Your glucose level is 2000.

Me:  Is that bad?

Nurse: It’s pretty high, that must have been some candy bar.

Me: Um….it was a King Size Watchamacallit.

We had a good chuckle about it and then she left. Then my doctor came in and we had a similar conversation. So, I managed to freak out the doctor’s office today.

Why did no one tell me this is why you have to pee in a cup?!

Next time I’ll make sure I hold off on the sweets before my appointment.

Anxiously Waiting


  1. They do a urine screen for proteins and glucose or ketones. The proteins in your urine go up when you have Pregnancy Induced Hypertension, PIH, if the say you are spilling proteins then that means you need to be watched very closely, it will usually coincide with an increase in blood pressure. The dextrose and ketones can be indicative of Gestational Diabetes, GD. All things to be on the lookout for, Eventually you will have to do some glucose tolerance testing to watch for GD. If you have any questions feel free to ask. I'm a NICU nurse in OKC and I Am the mom of twin 6 year olds that were born at 33+5 wks.

  2. Well, when I was pregnant they didn't even tell me when I was supposed to have my 1 hour glucose test.... so the nurse asked me if I had breakfast, and I said yes.... she asked what I had, and I said cereral.... she asked what kind, and I told her (it was sugary kind).... she said, well, that's going to make you fail your glucose test. Um, what glucose test? It would've been nice to know ahead of time! :)

  3. I always thought peeing in the cup was testing for vitamin/mineral levels, I had no idea it was for glucose, too!

  4. And? No one at my OB's office during either pregnancy has EVER mentioned the results of my pee to me. They just ask if I've left a sample and then we go on about the appointment. I wonder if they check it immediately like yours does or what?


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