January 10, 2011


It’s 5:15am. I’ve been awake since 3:30. Before that I was awake from 1-1:30. I figure I’ve had about 3.5 hours of sleep yet here I am wide awake, drinking a glass of chocolate milk (yes, it’s a craving) and blogging. I have a bit of indigestion (hence the chocolate milk) and just couldn’t get comfortable so I just decided to get up. I’m sure I’ll be regretting this decision later today when I’m sitting at work, at a desk, for 7 hours.

Normally, I just lay in bed and pray over the babies. In the last week I’ve been praying for my great Aunt Lydia for healing & recovery from her stroke. Then if I’m still awake when hubsy gets up at 5:30, I play a little Bejeweled on my phone. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. The bad thing is that when I am able to go back to sleep, it’s so close to time for me to get up & get ready for work that I sleep right through my alarm and wake up when it shuts off after an hour. And of course, that’s usually when I’m sleeping the best.

It’s a little frustrating but I just look at it as God preparing me for what’s to come in about 6 months.

Anxiously Waiting


  1. Hope you are able to get some sleep soon!

  2. I know that when I was pregnant with my twins I had a lot of trouble sleeping. Early on it started with the reflux and Charlie horses in my calves. Then once the girls started moving, it was because one of them always had issues with how I was laying and they were very good at taking out their anger on my insides. Later, I only made it to 33+5 weeks, I had to pee every hour cause the one on bottom had her head in my bladder! I had to wake my husband up too so he could help me outta bed! I know this may not make you feel any better, but know that you are not alone and it is totally worth it in the end. Tylenol PM or benedryl did help some, but even they can only do so much...Good luck!!


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