October 27, 2010

Only 6 More Days!

Insulin Syringes Medeco 100 I U

Only six more days of three injections and I get to go back to one! Of course I hear that one is the worst one. Thank goodness I’ve discovered the wonderful non-pain feeling affects of using ice before hand. We’ve even figured out a way to make that “mean” one not hurt as bad.

After only two days of taking one of the medicines, my doc called to reduce the dosage so I assume that means things are looking good. Right before I started these other two injections, dear doc gave me a heads up that because they are stimulating my ovaries to produce multiple eggs, I might eventually feel like I’m carrying around water balloons and that I might literally feel sloshing when I walk. Hmmm, that’s nice. This morning I kind of had a full feeling and by this afternoon I felt a little crampy. I wonder if that means the sloshing is coming soon. Ugh, I can only imagine what I’ll look like walking around if that happens, LOL.

Any who, I go for blood work and ultrasound tomorrow and then again on Saturday to see how everything is progressing. I can’t believe they will be doing the retrieval next week…potentially as early as Wednesday! Eek!


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  1. Fast. This is all so fast. :) That's a good thing.


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