October 27, 2010

Only 6 More Days!

Insulin Syringes Medeco 100 I U

Only six more days of three injections and I get to go back to one! Of course I hear that one is the worst one. Thank goodness I’ve discovered the wonderful non-pain feeling affects of using ice before hand. We’ve even figured out a way to make that “mean” one not hurt as bad.

After only two days of taking one of the medicines, my doc called to reduce the dosage so I assume that means things are looking good. Right before I started these other two injections, dear doc gave me a heads up that because they are stimulating my ovaries to produce multiple eggs, I might eventually feel like I’m carrying around water balloons and that I might literally feel sloshing when I walk. Hmmm, that’s nice. This morning I kind of had a full feeling and by this afternoon I felt a little crampy. I wonder if that means the sloshing is coming soon. Ugh, I can only imagine what I’ll look like walking around if that happens, LOL.

Any who, I go for blood work and ultrasound tomorrow and then again on Saturday to see how everything is progressing. I can’t believe they will be doing the retrieval next week…potentially as early as Wednesday! Eek!


October 25, 2010


Time for an update! We went to doctor last Thursday and everything went really well. All of the decisions that had been tormenting us were resolved and we are very happy!

Another lesson learned; if I turn something over to God wholeheartedly, His will prevails.

So…yesterday I had to start two more injections and one of them was not very nice. NOT. AT. ALL. In fact, as I sit here typing this now, I’m thinking about how in another hour I have to experience it all over again and again and again. I am sooo not looking forward it. But then again, if I was looking forward to getting stuck 3 times in a row over & over again, I might need rehab or psychiatric help. LOL

This time seemed like forever getting here and now that it’s here, it’s going so fast!


October 19, 2010

Just a Quick Update

Just a quick post to let you know that not much has been going on. Started injections a week ago Sunday….hubsy is getting pretty good at sticking me…which is a good thing because they’re suppose to add two more starting this coming Sunday. I’m starting to feel like a pin cushion, sheesh! I hear that I’ll continue to get poked up to the 10th week of pregnancy if I actually get pregnant, God willing.

I have an appointment this week. We’re suppose to talk to the doctor about our decisions on how we will continue with the process. Fingers crossed.


October 7, 2010

Making Decisions is Hard!

We are literally at the very beginning of our IVF cycle and I am already taxed. Not because of the injections, ultrasounds, labs, etc but because of the decisions that need to be made. These are BIG decisions…we’re talking about human life here people!

You see, we are a Christian household and therefore feel that there is a morally responsible way of handling this process. I don’t want to get into the details of the decisions we are facing because I feel, for each family, that the beliefs and views about this process are different and that’s ok. In my research, I have found that there are vast differences in beliefs even within the Christian faith so, my opinion is that as a Christian, God knows your heart and your intentions and whatever His will, it will be done.

With all that said, I feel that this process has been one of the hardest things we’ve had to go through…and being married 13 1/2 years, we’ve been through some pretty hard times. However, I know that if we stay in constant prayer about our decisions that God will guide us and in the end bless us for keeping in His will.

If you are a praying person, we would appreciate your prayers. I ask for prayers because the decisions we are facing (and have pretty much decided on) somewhat go against the standard IVF process so we hope and pray that our doctor(s) are understanding and will go with what we’ve decided.


October 6, 2010

In the Quiet Moments.

Hi! It seems like it’s been a really long time since my last post but really, it’s only been a couple of weeks. In those couple of weeks I’ve started birth control (yes, you read that correctly) and received a calendar from my doctor of all the things that are going to happen over the next 5-6 weeks. I thought knowing what was coming up would help me relax a little but it did just the opposite. It actually freaked me out a little.

And then God taught me a little lesson…..

Today, I was working with a co-working trying to figure out how to make some adjustments to a report and everything we tried just didn’t work. We would talk it out and try again. And then talk it out some more and try again. I started to feel like I was making it all more complicated than it was so we went to our boss for help. She took one look at it and basically told us that we were focusing too much on one aspect and not looking at the whole thing. Argh! I knew it! I was making it more complicated than it was. When we went back and looked at the report as a whole, we were able to get everything to work.

After fixing the report, I took a walk to clear my head and try to breath. It was in those minutes of focused breathing and quiet that God seemed to whisper, “you’re focusing too much on the details, think about the big picture…and the blessings that will come from this”. Wow! I have been focusing and worrying so much about appointments and injections and all those other things on that silly calendar that I haven’t really even thought about the end result. Sometimes you just need those little reminders and it never ceases to amaze me when and where those reminders come.

What are you focusing on lately? Are you focusing too much on the details? Is it taking away from the blessings He is or may be bringing your way?


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