September 18, 2010

Selective Attention Deficit Syndrome

Selective Attention Deficit Syndrome {SADS} Have you heard of it? Probably not because I just made it up. LOL

I define this syndrome as the ability of a parent to be completely oblivious to their misbehaving child(ren).

Here’s an example:

*Child pulling things off the grocery store shelves while the parent is looking at a cereal box.

Me:  Excuse me, did you know your child has completely emptied all of the bottom shelves into the floor of the isle?

Parent: Huh, what?

Ok, really? I, like you, was looking at the cereal….trying to decide if I should buy Raisin Bran or Cookie Crisp when I immediately noticed your child start to grab items off the shelves and throw them onto the floor. It wasn’t until I brought it to your attention that you took notice.

Oh, but I just don’t understand. “I just need to wait ‘til I have kids” LOL


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  1. I hear ya - I get told to back off my kids - I'm constantly watching to make sure I'm not that parent. lol And at school functions I'm the mean Mom making my kids sit quietly while all the others are going crazy wild throwing their shoes into the basketball hoops while the parents seem oblivious or too into socializing. Maybe both. lol


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