September 20, 2010

A Desire to Have Children

Back in 2003, on our way home from a road trip, hubsy and I had a conversation about when we had kids. About mid way through the conversation, I don’t remember who said it but one of us said, “why wait any longer?” That day I stopped taking birth control.

Fast forward 2 years. One day in 2005, I got really sick. At the request of my Mom, I finally went to the doctor. He wasn’t sure what was wrong with me upon examination so he ordered a complete panel of tests. To make a long story short, I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. Because of the medicine I was taking to try to get it under control, my doctor told me that I should not get pregnant. I was back on birth control.

Fast forward 2 more years. In the summer of 2007, I told my doctor that I was tired of waiting to have a baby and pleaded with him to do something about it. A month later, I ended up with a non-functioning thyroid and would have to take a pill every day for the rest of my life. I was ok with this because it meant that I could finally start trying to get preggers……again.

After a few months of trying and still not pregnant, we went through all of the fertility testing and discovered that we had fertility issues. Our only option to have children of our own was to do IVF. After lots of praying and researching, we began the process last month.

{To Be Continued}



  1. I wish you all the best, but you already know I'm on your side. You and hubs will be awesome parents. :)

  2. Hey. Looking forward to reading your story!

    Actually, I despised it when people used to tell me - just wait till you have kids... I took the challenge and we were lucky enough to become parents, through IVF.

    I tell you - just wait till you have kids - you gonna love it! And it is ALL worth it in the end.


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