December 31, 2010

Best of 2010

Most people are doing a top ten Best of 2010 . I think being pregnant with twins pretty much takes up my top 10…and will probably be my Best of 2011 too!


It’s been a wild,crazy, emotional rollercoaster of a year but God has seen us through all of it and just look at the blessings that have come from having complete faith in Him! Can I get an “Amen”?

Happy New Year! Be safe!

Anxiously Waiting

December 30, 2010


Ok, let’s recap. Wednesday was transfer day and the following Friday was the end of the dreaded 2 week wait.

By the next Tuesday I was starting to feel bloated. I had had a little bit of bloating due to the medicines I was taking so I didn’t think anything of it. By Thursday, I was so bloated I literally looked like I was about 6 months pregnant. Seriously, it was BAD. I was miserable.

During this time, hubsy and I kept debating on whether or not we were going to do a home pregnancy test. After all, we would find out the next day, so what’s one more day, right? Well, hubsy finally convinced me to do the test on Thursday using the argument that he wanted to be with me when I found out (I’d be at work on Friday when they called me). So Thursday morning, I got up bright and early and took the test before he went to work. After I dunked the test (I stink at actually peeing on the stick so I dunk….I have aiming issues….I know, TMI) I went to wash my hands and wait. While I was washing my hands, hubsy walks in behind me, coffee in hand, to watch the stick. It was literally about 30 seconds before he started jumping up and down with this goofy look on his face. He said nothing. He just kept jumping. Finally, he shook his head and I said, “nuh uh”, he shook his head and I said, “nuh uh”. We repeated this a few more times before I actually walked over to look at the stick….it said pregnant! I couldn’t believe it! Hubsy hugged me and I just started laughing and crying at the same time. We had been trying for so long and had seen so many negative tests that I guess a part of me was just ready to be disappointed yet again.

The nurse had told me that if we decided to do a home test, I HAD to call her and let her know. So, like a good patient, I did what I was told. She was so excited! And when I asked her about my bloating, she said that was caused by the pregnancy and that if I had called her earlier in the week about it, she could have told me that I was pregnant. I guess I’ll know for next time. Friday, I went in for the official test and it, thank goodness, came back positive as well. Our 1st ultrasound was scheduled for two weeks later.

As of tomorrow, I’ll be 10 weeks. Almost through the first trimester!



December 28, 2010

Transfer Day

So…it’s been a while since I’ve posted, huh? Thanksgiving & Christmas just kept me too busy.

Ok, so let’s get straight to it, transfer day.

So in my previous post I told you we were doing the day 5 transfer. Hubsy and I got up early Wednesday morning and headed to the clinic. I was a little nervous and a lot excited. When they took us back to the transfer room they checked my bladder and told me it wasn’t full enough so they brought me a bottle of water to drink. I drank the whole thing in less than 10 minutes. BIG MISTAKE.

When the doctor came in, she had a picture of two of the most beautiful embryo babies I’ve ever seen. Smile


The transfer itself wasn’t bad…only a little a lot uncomfortable because my bladder was so full from that stupid bottle of water. I knew it wouldn’t take much so why in the world did I drink that whole bottle of water?? Anyway, after the transfer I had to lay flat for 20 minutes which was pure torture (due to the extremely full bladder). When they told me I could get up, I didn’t even wait to get dressed to go relieve my bladder. I just wrapped the sheet around me and flew across the hall to the bathroom. Hey, I’ve lost all modesty through this process and I’m sure I’m not the first one to be running through the clinic wrapped in a sheet, LOL.

I was told to go home for the rest of the day to rest and if I could, rest the next day as well. I had an appointment the next Friday for the blood pregnancy test. However, they told us we could take a home pregnancy test on Thursday…at the earliest. So I went home to endure what other IVF alumni call the dreaded 2 week wait (although mine was only 1 1/2 weeks).

Be sure to check back Thursday to find out what happened after the 2 week wait.


November 8, 2010

The Time Has Come

I’m tired so I’m just gonna get straight to the point.

Yesterday, we got a call from the doc with a status update on our embryo babies. They grade the quality with A-D just like school. We had 5 at a B and 1 at a B+….I was told they rarely give out A’s so the B’s were great news! They told us since they were pretty much all at the same quality they were going to wait do the transfer on Wednesday (Day 5) rather than Monday (Day 3)….just to see if any of them jump ahead & progress more than others.

This afternoon I called to see if they had figured out a time that they wanted me to come in on Wednesday and this is how the conversation went:

Nurse: Hello.

Me: Hi!

Nurse: I was just thinking about you! How are you doing? I have an update for you.

Me:  I’m doing good! That’s one of the reasons why I called.

Nurse: Well, all 6 of the embryo babies are doing awesome! They are all still progressing the same. Everyone in the office is so excited!
(Hmm…Upon hearing this, it makes me wonder if this progression of embryo babies is not all that common).

Me: Really?! That’s great!

Nurse: I know! We are all so excited!
(Again, hmm….)

After discussing a few details of the appointment, we hung up. As I sat there, I began to tear up as I thought back to Friday morning when I woke up I began to pray that everything with the retrieval would go well and that the ones that fertilized would thrive so that the embryologist would have no qualms about freezing the ones that they didn’t consider viable by their standards. Another prayer answered


November 6, 2010

Good News

I slept pretty good Thursday night but woke up several times. Was it nerves? Or maybe it was just excitement. Either way, Friday was just another step to hubsy and I becoming parents. When it was finally time to actually get up and head to the clinic, I was ready. I had a little bit of nervous but not too bad. I had prayed as I was falling asleep the night before that I would be calm and not too nervous the next morning. God answered that prayer.

We got to the clinic early so we had to wait a few minutes before being taken back. Once we got to the prep & recovery  room, the nurse started going over everything and started my I.V. I started to get really nervous & emotional. It was a quick procedure, about 30 minutes. When I woke up, they told me they retrieved 17 eggs. Once I was able to wake up enough to stand up, they let me go home and told me to rest for the rest of the day. On Saturday, they would call us to let us know how many of the eggs were mature and able to be fertilized.

Saturday morning we got the call around 9:30. They were able to retrieve 17 eggs (which we already knew) and of those, 15 were mature enough to attempt to fertilize. However, since I didn’t necessarily want to be the old woman who lived in a shoe, they only attempted fertilization with 10 of the mature eggs. Out of those 10 eggs, we have 6 babies (embryos)!! Because we don’t want to potentially have 6 babies at one time and the fact that the clinic will not transfer more than 2 at a time for my age group, we will have 2 transferred either on Monday or Wednesday….we’ll find that out sometime today.

It is all still so surreal and still hasn’t hit me yet. I’m not sure it will until I hear the heartbeat(s).Smile


November 3, 2010

Tonight’s the Night

So remember on my last post when I mentioned that retrieval could be today? Well, that didn’t happen. However, it is now officially set for Friday morning!

After going in to the doctor every morning this week, I got the call this afternoon that after today, I was done! Done with the 3 injections every evening, done with the daily appointments, wahoo! I take my last two injections tonight and then I take the “trigger” shot that’s suppose to initiate ovulation for egg retrieval on Friday. Do you know what this means? This means that in the first part of next week, I will be going in to get (fingers crossed) knocked up! I’m still having trouble wrapping my mind around that. I feel like it’s all a dream…..that’ it’s not real. It’s hard for me to even to begin to imagine that by Thanksgiving I will know whether or not I will be a momma in approx. 9 months.

When we had our first consult back in July, our decision to have a September start date seemed so far away. Now the end is near and I can’t believe how quickly time has passed. My DH has been my rock through the whole process. There is no way I could have given myself those injections and he keeps me from totally freaking out about everything (I kinda have a fear of the unknown and am pretty much a big chicken). There has been lots of needle pricks and ultrasounds, crying and praying, discussing and crying, praying and discussing. It’s been a wild ride but a good one. We’ve learned a lot. A lot about ourselves, about each other and about our faith. No matter what happens, we are in a season of change and are looking forward to what’s next.


October 27, 2010

Only 6 More Days!

Insulin Syringes Medeco 100 I U

Only six more days of three injections and I get to go back to one! Of course I hear that one is the worst one. Thank goodness I’ve discovered the wonderful non-pain feeling affects of using ice before hand. We’ve even figured out a way to make that “mean” one not hurt as bad.

After only two days of taking one of the medicines, my doc called to reduce the dosage so I assume that means things are looking good. Right before I started these other two injections, dear doc gave me a heads up that because they are stimulating my ovaries to produce multiple eggs, I might eventually feel like I’m carrying around water balloons and that I might literally feel sloshing when I walk. Hmmm, that’s nice. This morning I kind of had a full feeling and by this afternoon I felt a little crampy. I wonder if that means the sloshing is coming soon. Ugh, I can only imagine what I’ll look like walking around if that happens, LOL.

Any who, I go for blood work and ultrasound tomorrow and then again on Saturday to see how everything is progressing. I can’t believe they will be doing the retrieval next week…potentially as early as Wednesday! Eek!


October 25, 2010


Time for an update! We went to doctor last Thursday and everything went really well. All of the decisions that had been tormenting us were resolved and we are very happy!

Another lesson learned; if I turn something over to God wholeheartedly, His will prevails.

So…yesterday I had to start two more injections and one of them was not very nice. NOT. AT. ALL. In fact, as I sit here typing this now, I’m thinking about how in another hour I have to experience it all over again and again and again. I am sooo not looking forward it. But then again, if I was looking forward to getting stuck 3 times in a row over & over again, I might need rehab or psychiatric help. LOL

This time seemed like forever getting here and now that it’s here, it’s going so fast!


October 19, 2010

Just a Quick Update

Just a quick post to let you know that not much has been going on. Started injections a week ago Sunday….hubsy is getting pretty good at sticking me…which is a good thing because they’re suppose to add two more starting this coming Sunday. I’m starting to feel like a pin cushion, sheesh! I hear that I’ll continue to get poked up to the 10th week of pregnancy if I actually get pregnant, God willing.

I have an appointment this week. We’re suppose to talk to the doctor about our decisions on how we will continue with the process. Fingers crossed.


October 7, 2010

Making Decisions is Hard!

We are literally at the very beginning of our IVF cycle and I am already taxed. Not because of the injections, ultrasounds, labs, etc but because of the decisions that need to be made. These are BIG decisions…we’re talking about human life here people!

You see, we are a Christian household and therefore feel that there is a morally responsible way of handling this process. I don’t want to get into the details of the decisions we are facing because I feel, for each family, that the beliefs and views about this process are different and that’s ok. In my research, I have found that there are vast differences in beliefs even within the Christian faith so, my opinion is that as a Christian, God knows your heart and your intentions and whatever His will, it will be done.

With all that said, I feel that this process has been one of the hardest things we’ve had to go through…and being married 13 1/2 years, we’ve been through some pretty hard times. However, I know that if we stay in constant prayer about our decisions that God will guide us and in the end bless us for keeping in His will.

If you are a praying person, we would appreciate your prayers. I ask for prayers because the decisions we are facing (and have pretty much decided on) somewhat go against the standard IVF process so we hope and pray that our doctor(s) are understanding and will go with what we’ve decided.


October 6, 2010

In the Quiet Moments.

Hi! It seems like it’s been a really long time since my last post but really, it’s only been a couple of weeks. In those couple of weeks I’ve started birth control (yes, you read that correctly) and received a calendar from my doctor of all the things that are going to happen over the next 5-6 weeks. I thought knowing what was coming up would help me relax a little but it did just the opposite. It actually freaked me out a little.

And then God taught me a little lesson…..

Today, I was working with a co-working trying to figure out how to make some adjustments to a report and everything we tried just didn’t work. We would talk it out and try again. And then talk it out some more and try again. I started to feel like I was making it all more complicated than it was so we went to our boss for help. She took one look at it and basically told us that we were focusing too much on one aspect and not looking at the whole thing. Argh! I knew it! I was making it more complicated than it was. When we went back and looked at the report as a whole, we were able to get everything to work.

After fixing the report, I took a walk to clear my head and try to breath. It was in those minutes of focused breathing and quiet that God seemed to whisper, “you’re focusing too much on the details, think about the big picture…and the blessings that will come from this”. Wow! I have been focusing and worrying so much about appointments and injections and all those other things on that silly calendar that I haven’t really even thought about the end result. Sometimes you just need those little reminders and it never ceases to amaze me when and where those reminders come.

What are you focusing on lately? Are you focusing too much on the details? Is it taking away from the blessings He is or may be bringing your way?


September 20, 2010

A Desire to Have Children

Back in 2003, on our way home from a road trip, hubsy and I had a conversation about when we had kids. About mid way through the conversation, I don’t remember who said it but one of us said, “why wait any longer?” That day I stopped taking birth control.

Fast forward 2 years. One day in 2005, I got really sick. At the request of my Mom, I finally went to the doctor. He wasn’t sure what was wrong with me upon examination so he ordered a complete panel of tests. To make a long story short, I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. Because of the medicine I was taking to try to get it under control, my doctor told me that I should not get pregnant. I was back on birth control.

Fast forward 2 more years. In the summer of 2007, I told my doctor that I was tired of waiting to have a baby and pleaded with him to do something about it. A month later, I ended up with a non-functioning thyroid and would have to take a pill every day for the rest of my life. I was ok with this because it meant that I could finally start trying to get preggers……again.

After a few months of trying and still not pregnant, we went through all of the fertility testing and discovered that we had fertility issues. Our only option to have children of our own was to do IVF. After lots of praying and researching, we began the process last month.

{To Be Continued}


September 18, 2010

Selective Attention Deficit Syndrome

Selective Attention Deficit Syndrome {SADS} Have you heard of it? Probably not because I just made it up. LOL

I define this syndrome as the ability of a parent to be completely oblivious to their misbehaving child(ren).

Here’s an example:

*Child pulling things off the grocery store shelves while the parent is looking at a cereal box.

Me:  Excuse me, did you know your child has completely emptied all of the bottom shelves into the floor of the isle?

Parent: Huh, what?

Ok, really? I, like you, was looking at the cereal….trying to decide if I should buy Raisin Bran or Cookie Crisp when I immediately noticed your child start to grab items off the shelves and throw them onto the floor. It wasn’t until I brought it to your attention that you took notice.

Oh, but I just don’t understand. “I just need to wait ‘til I have kids” LOL


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